Emergency Plumbing Services, Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services.

CJM Plumbing Melbourne has teams of qualified and trustworthy tradespeople providing high quality solutions for your plumbing problems. With decades of experience, we are fully equipped to treat your residential or commercial plumbing issues.

Why choose us!

CJM Plumbing Melbourne are a fully ISO accredited company across the 3 major water utility organizations servicing Melbourne metropolitan areas. We have been serving our clients; residents, businesses and government with utmost priority and respect. We guarantee superior work quality and service to all our clients.

We provide a 24-hour emergency service and repair service that is unmatched in the industry. If you ever need a last minute-urgent fix, we’re here for you. We also provide a wide range of services to cover all your needs, from fittings and servicing to check-ups across Melbourne, Victoria and Richmond.

Quality Assurance

We recognize the significance of using quality assured commercial plumbing products. With more than 20 years' experience, CJM Plumbing Melbourne delivers professional plumbing services and repairs. We cover your basic household plumbing repairs to your commercial projects. Our 24 hour emergency service is sure to give you the best plumbing repair service you could ask for.

International Certified Quality Management ISO 9001

Our international certification for the quality and safety management system proves that CJM Plumbing Melbourne complies with the international standards of business practices.

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    About Us

    Qualified experienced plumbers in Melbourne.

    Specialising in Domestic and Commercial plumbing.

    As a young but constantly growing company, CJM Plumbing Melbourne are certified and licensed across all aspects in the commercial plumbing industry as outlined below. We are constantly training our team to meet the standards of the rapidly growing building industry.

    More About Us

    ISO Accredited

    CJM Plumbing are an ISO 9001 accredited business, offering you peace of mind

    Fully Qualified

    All our plumbers are fully qualified with years a combined 25 years of experience

    24 Hour support

    CJM Plumbing offer 24 hour call outs for all your emergency needs, get a quote today

    Complete Residential and Commercial Plumbing & Drain Services in Melbourne and Regional Victoria .

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