CCTV Inspections

Through Closed Circuit Television Technology, CJM Plumbing Melbourne can perform a detailed visual drain inspection to determine any potential hazards to the drain and to check its integrity. Regular inspections will ensure that the drains are receiving all the care needed to ensure maximum flow and performance. Our CCTV drain inspections and sewer camera inspections are highly effective in determining the working of your drains.

We provide our customers with a USB diagnostic drain report to ensure our customers can see exactly what is going on underground. Your trust and faith in our services are important to us. We make sure you have the information to understand the work being done.

Leak Detection

CJM Plumbing has state of the art technology and equipment to find any leaking pipe, underground, under floors, behind walls and in your roof. General pipe and valve or other plumbing accessories or regulators are important parts to keep your drains and pipes in check. If you have any problems that you can’t see, we can handle it. Call CJM Plumbing to check up on your drain conditions via CCTV drain inspections and sewer camera inspections in Melbourne for their 24/7 emergency plumbing service. We use our acoustic leak detection equipment to pinpoint your leaking pipe to minimize destruction and efficiently repair your leaking pipes. Saving you a lot of money, time and worry.

Quality Assurance

We recognize the significance of using quality assured commercial plumbing products. With more than 20 years’ experience, CJM Plumbing Melbourne is more than qualified to solve any plumbing problems you have. This includes domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing in Melbourne, Victoria and Richmond wide.

International Certified Quality Management ISO 9001

Our international certification for the quality and safety management system proves that CJM Plumbing Melbourne complies with the international standards of business practices.

Complete Residential and Commercial Plumbing & Drain Services in Melbourne and Regional Victoria .

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