Drain Cleaning Melbourne


CJM Plumbing Melbourne provide a 24 hour emergency drain cleaning service with our state of the art drain cleaning equipment we clear, clean and CCTV your drains. Our high pressure water jet can apply pressures of up to 2,500 PSI and can cut through tree roots, debris and fats causing your drains to block.


CCTV Inspections

Through closed circuit television technology, CJM Plumbing Melbourne can perform a detailed visual drain inspection to determine any potential hazards to the drain and to check its integrity.

Regular inspections will ensure that the drains are receiving all the care needed to ensure maximum flow and performance.

We provide our customers with a USB diagnostic drain report to ensure our customers can see exactly what is going on underground.

If you have any problem regarding Drain Cleaning, please contact us or call at 0426 874 900.

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